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A leader is best when people barely know she exists, when her work is done, her aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.


Career Coaching

Are you seeking a career change or advancement? Would you like to enhance or improve your professional life or any professional project?

Inspired career coaching is a collaborative, dynamic service, designed to support and assist you to easily navigate all phases of your professional life. Rethink your career path or your professional project. Navigate a career change with new perspective and ease. Enhance your resume, collaboratively, with a new approach and greater objectivity. Write a summary/cover letter that stands out; or master your interviewing skills.

I work with you in the most effective and natural way, whether managing your current job challenges, or navigating a new, more fulfilling career. Collaborate with me to become a more effective leader and to practice effective communication.

Connie's clients have enjoyed the benefit of:

  • professional advancement,
  • vocational fulfillment,
  • an excellent resume that stands out.
Call or email to request a time for an exploratory conversation.
With respect for your privacy, all discussions are confidential.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: "Connie helped me discover a lot about myself. I am now able to see clearer and understand more about my interests, values and skills. Through this process, Connie guided me in figuring out what my true calling is, as well as the facets of my career that I am not truly invested in and therefore, will no longer pursue. I feel more confident in both my career and independent creative ventures. "

Results: 1. Greater Job Satisfaction, 2. Clarity and Confidence, 3. Increased Self Esteem

- Robert, Marketing Professional at Architectural Firm and Creative Writer

Communication/Relationship Coaching

Are you seeking to improve interpersonal communication, a marriage, business relationship, or simply to be a better more mindful communicator?

There is nothing worse than a lack of understanding and disharmony within any relationship, especially when, clearly, it may be easily managed and remedied.

When faced with interpersonal challenges, whether at work or in life, with Inspired communication coaching you can get to the heart of it all, attain clarity, and practice and develop highly effective ways of communicating – all leading to more enjoyable relationships that work.

Connie's clients have enjoyed the benefit of:

  • effective interpersonal relationships,
  • dynamic collaborative leadership and communication,
  • fulfilling familial, and social life.

Contact Connie to schedule an exploratory conversation.
With respect for your privacy, all conversations are confidential.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: "Connie Pappas is very present, personable, empathetic and mindful within each session. This peaceful effect spreads into the rest of my life. As a result it helps me become more skilled at listening and encouraging others in my life, both professionally and personally. Connie encourages a constructive and supportive inner dialogue, which almost magically translates into how I relate to other people in my life. This has had the effect of improving communication and all relationships in wholesome, wonderful ways."

Results: 1. Improved interpersonal Family Relationships 2. Effective Communication, Ease 3. Found Her Man/Got Married and Bought a Beautiful Home

- Anna, Educator, Fine Artist, Writer

Personal Life Coaching; Life Balance

Are you faced with a life change, or transition? ...looking for the best way to attain better life-balance and an overall sense of well-being?

Tailored to your unique situation and personal needs, I work collaboratively with you to get to the heart of any challenge and support optimal and meaningful outcomes.

Connie's clients have enjoyed the benefits of:

  • increased confidence and empowerment,
  • productive new habits and practices,
  • personal fulfillment and optimal life balance.

Plan a 15 minute exploratory conversation.

With respect for your privacy, all discussions are confidential.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: "Connie is an incredible coach because of her rare ability to peel back the layers and get to the core of the issue. For me, she helped articulate the changes I wanted to make in my life and worked with me to craft solid plans, all within a safe and supportive environment. Working with Connie, I got clarity on wanting to change careers and the courage to pursue the needed higher education, and am now on the brink of starting a master's program. She also helped me navigate the emotional barriers preventing me from organizing my home and I was amazed at the mental space which opened up once I decluttered. Connie's intuition, insight and varied life experience makes her an incredibly special and impactful life guide and coach."

Results: 1. New Career and Lifestyle Direction, 2. Optimal Life Balance 3. Greater Happiness and Well-Being

- Alexandra , MBA, Banking Executive > Psychotherapist

Communication That Works (Workshops)

Explore and experience effective communication and interpersonal coaching techniques within this interactive, enjoyable workshop series.

Benefits for you and the people in your life:
  • Discover and practice surprising approaches that enable others to be and to feel heard, acknowledged and valued,
  • Practice an effective method for supporting others in finding their own, authentic answers, including heightened clarity, confidence, and optimal results,
  • Explore and practice unilateral action along with dynamic and effective collaboration

For additional information, contact me directly at 203-820-6599 or

"Connie Pappas is very present, personable, empathetic and mindful. She has enabled me to become more skilled at listening, supporting, and encouraging others, both professionally and personally. As part of this, I learned and now practice a constructive and supportive inner dialogue, which almost magically translates into how I relate to other people."

- Marianne, Manager at Yoga, Massage and Chiropractic Center


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