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In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.

The Process

The Inspired professional and personal life coaching process is a fluid, co-participatory experience, tailored to further clarify your aims and objectives, and to align with your individual needs. It is designed to bring things to light, always with the intent to attain fulfilling, optimal, tangible results.
- Connie

Connie's Philosophy/Mission

Dedicated to each person with whom she works, Connie empowers and guides people to clarify, create, and live their best professional and personal life.

Connie believes, each one of us is innately creative, resourceful and whole, and interdependent. We grow stronger and more readily attain desired outcomes when provided with reflection, acknowledgment, and validation.

Telephone Consultation

With a free 15-minute exploratory phone meeting you can discuss your current situation and discover more about the coaching process, how Inspired coaching works.

You may reach Connie directly at 1-203-820-6599, or by email,

Scheduling and Pricing Options

Individualized scheduling and service packages are available to suit your needs. To attain optimal results it is highly recommended to work together for a 3-month time period. If desired, you may choose to begin with a one-month engagement.
For example, you may choose:

  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month (for the number of months you would like) and with 10-minute phone calls in between sessions as needed.
  • Four 1-hour coaching sessions per month with 10-minute phone calls in between.

    (Each coaching engagement is for the duration of one to three months, six months, even 1 year or beyond. The time-frame is based upon your needs, your choice––all open for discussion.)

To further discuss, please call me at 1-203-820-6599.

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Coaching Sessions

With the understanding that progress occurs only when a level of trust exists between the coach and client, all coaching is confidential.

Contact Connie for a complimentary exploratory conversation.

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1-203-820-6599, Connie's Direct Line


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