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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.


About Connie

Welcome ~

In 2005, I founded Inspired, offering professional coaching services and seminars to individuals and groups. In addition to earning a degree in Social Sciences from Sarah Lawrence College where I graduated magna cum laude, I am trained and certified by New York University (NYU) as a Personal Life Coach. My background and interests also include effective interpersonal communication, small business, real estate, and international study in the arts.

I believe in the value of shared insight/guidance - mindful collaboration and mentoring. An important, primary mentor was my uncle: physician, philanthropist, and past owner of the Boston Red Sox. His example with business and professional ventures, and his perseverance, intuition and accomplishments were imparted to me.

Along with the above mentioned education, experience and training, I am certified in Collaborative Operating Systems, a scalable and transparent, integrated system for leading, managing and problem solving.

My Philosophy

Each one of us is innately creative, resourceful and whole, and interdependent. We grow stronger and more readily attain our desired outcomes when provided with good listening, reflection, brainstorming, acknowledgment and validation.

For more information contact me directly at 203-820-6599.

Founded Inspired while living in Connecticut, I am now based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with clients throughout the States and regularly on the East Coast of the U.S., whether through a series of in-person or online/video sessions.

The Inspired, collaborative process transcends the personal, business, and professional realms. Connie has helped and continues to help people attain optimal results in the following fields:

  •  Culinary Arts and the Restaurant Industry
  •  Engineering
  •  Architecture
  •  Building/Construction
  •  Real Estate Sales and Development
  •  Interior Design
  •  Visual Arts
  •  Education
  •  Parenthood
  •  Small Business
  •  Performing Arts
  •  Writing and Editing
  •  Health and Fitness
  •  Estate Management
  •  Event Planning
  •  Marketing/Communications
  •  Business Management
  •  Law
  •  Geriatric and Home Health Care
  •  Nutrition/Natural Health & Healing
  •  Retail/Wholesale Products
  •  Animal Care/Veterinary Medicine
  •  Finance/Investing
  •  Insurance
  •  Magazine and Book Publishing
  •  Naturopathy/Homeopathy/Acupuncture
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