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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.


About Connie

As an N.Y.U. Certified Professional Life Coach, I am dedicated to your professional and personal fulfillment. Known as a dynamic coach that provides a quiet calm, together we can work towards creating meaningful results. You will be fully supported to get to the heart of any matter – attain objectivity, attract new opportunities, and experience meaningful, lasting and tangible results.

Training and Education

Connie founded Inspired ~ Professional Coaching Services in 2005 with the understanding that each one of us needs to be fully heard and understood, have the best possible way to attain clarity and to have our strengths highlighted and make the changes we want. She is certified through New York University's Personal Life Coaching Program; additionally, Connie studied Small Business Coaching at NYU. She is a trained Collaborative Operating Systems professional, bringing effective, fluid communication into businesses and each person's life. Connie is dedicated to tailoring the coaching process to each person's unique communication, creative, and work style.

For more than 20 years Connie has served as a heart-centered entrepreneur, having founded one LLC, and serving as managing member within another LLC. After returning to her educational pursuits in the 1990's Connie earned a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College with a focus on social sciences: economics, cultural anthropology, adult developmental psychology; and the arts. Additionally, through graduate and undergraduate coursework at Fairfield University, Connie blended business studies with social sciences and the arts – examining the creative process, business, and all phases of life.


Through her own personal journey, including working, living, and studying extensively throughout the United States and Europe, Connie has developed a deep understanding of the human experience which contributes to her helping clients chart and steer their progress, while understanding and honoring their personal and professional situations. Connie supports clients to build on their strengths, create effective ways to navigate and steer – whether to create and grow thriving businesses, fulfilling careers or, of course, enjoyable lives.

Connie's Philosophy

Connie believes that each one of us is innately creative, resourceful and whole, and...interdependent. We grow stronger and more readily attain our desired outcomes when provided good listening with reflection, acknowledgment and validation. Working on things with inspiration is the easiest, most fluid way to make it all happen. Inspiration and a proven and effective process allows us each to flourish, succeed, and be empowered - in life and at work.

For more information contact Connie directly at 203-820-6599.

The collaborative process with which Connie works transcends the personal, business, and professional realms. She has helped people in the following fields attain optimal results:

  •  Culinary Arts and the Restaurant Industry
  •  Information Technology
  •  Engineering
  •  Real Estate and Development
  •  Digital Media
  •  Visual Arts
  •  Small Business
  •  Performing Arts
  •  Screenwriting
  •  Music Business
  •  Architecture
  •  Interior Design
  •  Writing and Editing
  •  Health and Fitness
  •  Estate Management
  •  Marketing/Communications
  •  Business Management
  •  Building/Construction
  •  Education
  •  Law
  •  Natural Health and Healing
  •  Social Services
  •  Financial Industry
  •  Geriatric and Home Health Care
  •  Nutrition/Health & Healing
  •  Social Services/Psychology
  •  Retail/Wholesale Products
  •  Animal Care/Veterinary Medicine
  •  Finance/Investing
  •  Insurance
  •  Fine Arts
  •  Event Planning
  •  Magazine and Book Publishing
  •  Naturopathy/Homeopathy/Acupuncture

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